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What Is
Kung Fu
Most people think of "kung fu" as "Chinese martial arts," although the term "wushu" more properly applies to the physical aspects of this kind of sport. It combines centuries of Oriental martial arts traditions with ancient Chinese philosophy. It may involve combat with or without weapons, although it is more often practiced as an exercise or for meditation.
Principles of Kung Fu
Kung fu is a very complex system of beliefs, but the basics can be covered by three guiding principles:
* Chi. Also known as qi, chi is the life-force found in every human being. It is an energy that flows through nature. It was developed to maximize the ability of a person to concentrate and use chi to go beyond the limits of the mind and body.
* Virtues. In kung fu, wisdom (deed) and emotions (mind) should always be in harmony with each other. The mind must be guided with courage, endurance, perseverance, patience, and force of will. Kung fu also teaches a person values like loyalty, righteousness, humility, politeness, and trust.
* Combat/wushu. Some people see fighting as the most important part of kung fu, but it is only part of it. Wushu is often used a self-defense technique, although it can also be used as a form of exercise. Wushu is a very rigorous physical activity that requires peak physical conditioning, strength, and flexibility to push your body to the limits.
Feature :
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- Empty Hand Forms
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- Shaolin Stick
- Traditional Weapons
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