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Imagine a place where all shapes and structures are changing all the time. In this music visualiser, a crystal sculpture will morph while the background room is morphing too. This creates a special hypnotic effect, which can morph your consciousness into higher levels.
Both a music visualizer and a Live wallpaper are included, which shows the shapeshifting process. 3 colorful music visualizations are included ,which you can enjoy while listening to music from Moon Mission recordings.
***** What is shapeshifting *****
Metamorphosis is a strong impetus for growth, it aids us in changing ourselves, our perceptions of the world and our relationship with the world. When we consciously employ positive change in our lives, we can destroy that which no longer serves us, and embrace that which will help us transform in a positive way.
When working with animal spirits and energies, it is possible to consciously employ metamorphosis in the form of shapeshifting. This does not have to be physically changing your form, it can done by embracing, emulating or taking into yourself the qualities of an animal in order to experience change and metamorphosis.
Shapeshifting can be magically understood as being the ability to change and shift the thoughts and perceptions we usually inhabit. As a human we have ways that we perceive the world around us, but with bat inside our body and mind, the way we perceive the world and ourselves changes radically. Through the processes of inviting the animal energy to become a part of us, we shift and change our own understanding.
***** Upgrading to full version *****
You can visualize your own favorite music from any player. 24 different music visualizations are included, like "Equalizer", "Infra" and "Mixed colors".
You can mix the textures, just like a VJ (VideoJockey). Make your own mix of the textures in any order that you want and choose how they are mixed.
You can choose between 16 different textures for the morph and the room in the background, like "Lotus pattern", "Stone wall" and "Astral spiral".
You can also choose the colors, the speed, the fog density and the appearance of the textures. The full version has no commercials and battery saving functionality is included.
***** Moon Mission *****
The techno music in the free version comes from Moon Mission Recordings from Tokyo:



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