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Sound the alarm! The best siren and alarm sounds app is here!
This app features genuine siren and alarm sounds that you can play anytime! You'll find a variety of siren and alarm sounds just like you'd hear in real life. From police and fire engine sirens to security and car alarms, this app has it all. You'll hear wailing sirens, and honking and beeping alarms. Feeling homesick for the city? Just play a loud, earsplitting siren noise and you'll feel like you're at home on the streets of New York or Los Angeles! These alarm sounds sound so real you could even use them to try to deter a burglar or suspicious individual lurking near your home or office.
These alarm sounds can be fun too! Use them to pull pranks on your friends! People will love hearing the different types of alarm and siren noises. Can you identify which type of alarm is featured in each sound?
With this app you'll gain access to life-like siren and alarm sounds that can be used for both practical and fun purposes! You can even use these sounds as unique (and perhaps annoying) ringtones or share them with your friends!



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