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Smart Test Generator is an app to easily create tests from .txt files with the computer.
The .txt files can be transferred to the mobile device by:
USB Cable.
Memory card.
Cloud storage (Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, ...)
Do not waste time writing test questions and answers on your mobile device, write them quickly on your computer!
Once the .txt file is created you can create tests to take advantage of any time to take them.
Take long or short tests by selecting the number of questions.
Take advantage of Smart Test Generator to study anytime and anywhere!
Main Features:
Save all the tests you want.
Save the results if you want.
Take the tests at any time, you can save the result if you want.
Create the tests with all the questions you want, then you can choose how many questions you want to do, for example, you can create a test with 100 questions, but if you have little time and want to review, you can take the test with only 10 questions.
Correct the test at any time to see the results, see your mistakes and study.
You can choose the number of blank answers and the number of wrong answers that subtract one point, for example, in some tests 2 wrong answers subtract one right answer and 6 blank answers subtract one right answer.
You can do the test with the questions in random order.
You can do the test with the answers in random order.
At all time shows the time you are taking the test.
Of each result is saved, the date and time, the number of questions, right questions, wrong questions, blank questions, test score and time spent taking the test.
The results can be saved or not.
In the main screen, you will see quickly, the passed and failed tests, and the tests of which you have not saved any results yet.
You can share your .txt files with friends, students, etc. to create the tests quickly on your device.
You can adapt the tests to the rules of the exam: test for School, test for High School, test for University, …
There is an option to download a .txt file whit questions and answers so you can see its structure and use it to create a test.
Prepare your exams with Smart Test Generator!
Remove ads from the app by purchasing the PRO version!



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