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Socially Fox is personal and social development
With over 20 tips reported by the best experts in behavioral science, you will learn tricks that will help you in your daily life professionally and personally.
These tricks are explained as simply as possible with examples and comments.
We begin by it explain how a simple nod can influence your interlocutor and you progress to more complex tricks like storytelling.
They are divided into two main categories:
- Having links with others and strengthen them.
- Communicating your thoughts and influence your surroundings.
Discover the secret of the most powerful people of this world and unleash your potential.
- Magical questions to learn more about his surroundings.
"How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Dale Carnegie
"The 48 Laws of Power" - Robert Greene
"Small Treaty of manipulation" - RV Joule and Beauvois JL
"The power of vulnerability" - Brene Brown
"Rich Father Poor Father" - Robert T.Kiyosaki
"The Art of Being Right" - Arthur Schopenhauer
"The great art of small Conversation" - Debra Fine
"Secrets of a mentalist" - John Bastardi Daumont
"Art to initiate conversation" - Don Gabor
Behavioral sciences include two categories: Neural (decision science) and social (communication studies).
The decision science disciplines convene basically have to do with the decision making process and individual operation implementing the survival of the organism in the social environment. This includes anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, organization theory, psychobiology and social neuroscience.
On the other hand, the communication sciences include disciplines that study the communication strategies used by agencies and the dynamics between organisms and the environment. This includes anthropology organizational behavior, organizational studies, sociology and social networks.



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