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Based on the RTL2832U driver app by Martin Marinov, this free app allows you to record the spectrum when paired with a cheap RTLSDR dongle.
The wireless spectrum is a precious limited resource and we need your help to record the spectrum with this app in various locations across Australia.
Expanding our coverage across Australia will allow us to better visualise the free spectrum across Australia to better manage this limited resource.
- Powered by the open source OSMOCOM RTLSDR codebase, you will be able to record from 1GHz to 1.7GHz with great resolution
- Utilise GPS location tracking to deduce where the spectrum was recoded
- If your phone has an inbuilt barometer, the altitude above sea level will also be recorded for finer geolocation tracking
- All recorded spectrum and geolocation data will get stored for number crunching on our cloud server
- Be notified if a person is requesting spectrum data nearby
Outside of spectrum data, GPS coordinates, altitude and the android device ID for notifications, we do not collect or store any personally identifiable information.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated and all recorded data can be viewed here:



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