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The Spektrum Dashboard mobile application allows you to view everything from speed, motor or engine temperature, battery voltage and more. Simply snap in the mobile device mount (SPM6745), install the Spektrum Bluetooth module (SPM6742) with your Spektrum DX2E Active transmitter and view real-time telemetry data like never before. You can also manage individual settings for RPM, temp, rx voltage and more with the options of setting alarms to indicate high motor or engine temperature, RPM limits and more.
Installation tip:
Upon initial pairing with the installed Spektrum Bluetooth module, the application will update the DX2E Active transmitter firmware which enables the transmitter to receive telemetry data from the onboard telemetry receiver or telemetry module. Please do not close the application or power off the transmitter during the update process. The Dashboard application will not function until the transmitter is updated.
You can find the installation and setup video here:
Note: In order to fully utilize the Spektrum Dashboard application, you must own the following items;
- Optional Bluetooth Module (SPM6741)
- Spektrum DX2E Actve 2-channel transmitter (SPM2335* only). The system is not backwards compatible with previous versions of the DX2E transmitter.
- Spektrum DSMR telemetry RPM sensor w/bullets (SPMA9560)
- Spektrum DSMR telemetry equipped receiver or TM1500 telemetry module (SPM6742)
*The Spektrum DX2E Active transmitter is currently only available with the purchase of the Losi Tenacity Short Course Truck. For more information please visit;



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