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Stock Stalker is free android app which provides details of all watched NSE stocks, Indian stock market. Using this app one can get technical details of any listed stock and can apply their own technical analysis to inspect the stock. This is a technical Stock Stalker app not a fundamental Stock Stalker.
You have added advantage of numbers instead of graphs, equipping you with information to strengthen your technical's. This provides you with data of movement of stock, bearish or bullish per day basis.
Stock Stalker has a special feature of Stock Trend in which you can compare the trend of all your stocks at once. Stock Trend displays the stock movement of latest 5 market working days with technical details. This provides a pat insight of the stocks progress.
You will be notified about your stock trend after every market hours when the data is updated. Helping you to keep daily track of your stocks. Specifics of how to use the app for better acceptance is provided in app settings.
The stock stalker app does not provide one with knowledge of how to trade in stocks, neither does it recommend any stocks to buy. You will have to delve in stock market, analyse and buy stock at your own risk.
The data is provided by financial exchanges and maybe delayed as specified by financial exchanges. Information is provided "as is" and is solely for information purposes. Please consult your broker or financial representatives to verify pricing before executing any trade.
As Stock Stalker is in it's early stages, it provides technical details on NSE listed stocks, soon it will be updated to incorporate other securities exchanges and many other features.
The stock stalker provides technical details such as:
open, high, low, close, last traded price, previous close, change in value in INR and percent change in value.
This details are provided for all the stocks which are currently tracked by user.
Find details and add stocks to your watch list using our Stock Stalker app. This is one of the best stock android app to track your stocks, for free!



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