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Learn for free from one the most popular Indian school education channel on YouTube - BodhaGuru. Learn each topic of Science and Maths for class 1 to 10 by watching animated short story videos and detailed concept videos. Class 1 to 7 videos are available in Hindi Language and Class 1-10 videos are available in English language.For each class, the curriculum is aligned to NCERT list of topics - used in state boards and CBSE.
Learn with fun - how?
A story is the best way to explain any concept. Hence each topic starts with an animated story to understand the usage or relevance of topic in a subtle way. The story is then followed by detailed videos of the topic taking examples from the story to make it easier for children to understand the topic.
There are hundreds of videos to explain the complex topics of Science and Maths in an easy way!
• Class I: Science 24 videos, Maths 30 videos - in both languages
• Class II: Science 35 videos, Maths 36 videos - in both languages
• Class III: Science 46 videos, Maths 37 videos - in both languages
• Class IV: Science 55 videos, Maths 68 videos - in both languages
• Class V: Science 58 videos, Maths 56 videos - in both languages
• Class VI: Biology 32 videos, Physics 37, Chemistry 14, Maths 138 videos - in both languages
• Class VII: Biology 23 videos, Physics 19, Chemistry 14, Maths 136 videos - in both languages
• Class VIII: Biology 19 videos, Physics 31, Chemistry 19, Maths 147 videos - only available in English language
• Class IX: Biology 54 videos, Physics 44, Chemistry 19, Maths 90 videos - in both languages
• Class X: Biology 69 videos, Physics 78, Chemistry 50, Maths 81 videos - in both languages
Note: Internet is required to use this app. So children, have fun while you learn!



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