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A fitness tracker and nutrition tracker in one -- manage all your data in one place:
1. Calculate your macros periodically with the Macro Estimator, which can also calculate your TDEE and caloric intake from your own fitness data and goals.
2. Track your calorie and macronutrient intake in order to watch what you're eating and adjust as needed depending on progress.
3. Define meals that you eat often by combining foods from your database, and use cheat meals to fill in gaps where nutrition data is not readily available.
4. Utilize FatSecret's API to make food entry easier, offering both barcode scanning and keyword lookup. Nutrition information is entered automatically.
5. Record and track arbitrary fitness biometrics such as bodyweight, bodyfat percentage, lean mass, and any other metrics that you define.
6. Apply automatic progressive overload to your lifts and track your numbers over time.
7. Easily define your own fitness routines. Link metrics together across different routines to help maintain consistent progress. Use the n-rep max calculator to gauge how to structure your lifts. Rest between sets with the notification timer.
8. Take progress pictures (either full-body or certain groups in isolation) and easily scroll through to see an isolated progression over time.
9. Export to CSV format if you wish to perform additional analysis or maintain backups. Import from CSV as well for quick mass-data entry.
10. Simplify weight plate math using the Plate Helper and get your workouts done more quickly.



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