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Swadeshi Jagran - a vision of self-reliance
‘Swadeshi’ means that which is natural and native to a country and society, but allows scope for assimilation of wholesome and beneficial elements from the outside. 'Swadeshi Jagran ' means wakening our country to our values, culture and traditions.
Swadeshi Jagran encourages the use of locally available products and commodities. We carry products which are made from natural ingredients. Products made from natural ingredients have positive affect on health and well being and overall development of a human being.
We encourage local farmers to grow organic fruits and vegetables. Organic produce
has more nutrients, boosts immunity and helps in building antibodies.
Our Products:
* Certified organic local farm fresh fruits and vegetables.
* Organic millets, pulses,flours, spices,masala and cereals.
* Hair and skin care products made from natural ingredients.
* Desi cow organic milk products.
* Herbal supplements and natural medicines.
* Chemical free detergents and soaps safe on skin.
* Local hand made products and artifacts.
* Download Swadeshi Jagran app and register to order.



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