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TRiCE provides on-demand insurance for car and gadgets – it’s never been quicker or easier to get your things covered. TRiCE is powered by the insurance industry’s most advanced rating technology, which means that after the shortest-ever user journey – about five questions – it’ll take us just a couple of seconds to get you the right cover for your needs, at the best price. There are no hidden charges and no penalties, just clear, consistent pricing.
• Instant, on-demand, tailored cover and pricing
• Borrow or lend a car for 1 to 28 days with our fully comprehensive temporary car insurance
• Rolling monthly cover for your gadgets, with the ability to make as many amendments as you like whenever you want
• Lend a car: adding a named driver to an annual policy can be expensive and time consuming. TRiCE offers the perfect solution if you want to let someone drive your car for a short time
• Borrow a car: once you’re signed up to TRiCE, insuring yourself to drive someone else’s car will take seconds. The car’s owner can rest assured that their property is appropriately covered
• Insure a rental excess: in an instant and for far less than the hire companies charge
• Buying a car: our temporary insurance is perfect for a test drive, or for when you’ve bought a new car and haven’t arranged an annual policy yet
• Selling a car: maybe you don’t want to renew your annual policy because your car is up for sale. Our temporary insurance is an easy way to stay covered until your car is sold
• Courtesy car: we will insure your courtesy car if your car is in for a service or repair
How it works
Once you’re signed up, this is all we’ll need:
• The last four characters of your driving licence
• A picture of the car you’ll be driving and its registration number
• Tell us how long you’ll be driving it for – from 1 to 28 days – and when you want the cover to start
Our gadgets are more important to us than ever, and they aren’t cheap. A study by Zurich Insurance found that the average person carries £851-worth of hand held devices with them every day. However every year in the UK about 600,000 hand held devices fall into toilets, 400,000 are dropped into drinks and 200,000 end up in the washing machine.
It can be impractical and expensive to put your gadgets onto your home contents insurance. At least one in seven of us has items that aren’t covered by our home contents insurance, meaning that up to £5bn-worth of items are at risk every day. TRiCE offers a flexible, low-cost, on-demand alternative with a policy that operates on a rolling monthly basis. Protect anything from your phone and camera to sports equipment and your TV set. No yearly contract, no limits on how many things you can cover, and the ability to change what’s covered or cancel at any time. We’ll set your policy up in an instant.
How it works
Once you’re signed up, this is all we’ll need:
• Tell us the make, model and serial number of the item, and its value. If you’re using the device that you want to insure you won’t need to tell us anything about it
• Pick a start time. Cover can start from the moment you’ve paid until up to a month afterwards.
• Send us a picture of the item (unless it’s the device that you’re using) and, if you have it, the receipt as well
Coming soon:
Learner driver
Annual motor
Home and contents




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