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Tarot Sibyl is a free application that incorporates the 12 most popular method of divination. Divination, astrology, wishes, love, prophecy, past, present, future, and more influence and status are just part of the offer, which deals with the Sibyl. Divination depends on you alone ie. from the moment you ask them to choose the Sibyl cards.
Powered 12 method of divination:
1. Love Tarot opening
2. Celtic Tarot open coffins
3. Astrological Tarot opening
4. Tarot opening of planetary influence
5. The birthday Tarot opening
6. Opening Tarot Wheel of Fortune
7. Tarot open Zvezda
8. The opening of the Tree of Life Tarot
9. Opening Tarot Past, Present and Future
10. Tarot open cross and triangle
11. Tarot opening of Past Life
12. Opening Daily Tarot influence
Divination is done using a deck of 78 cards that can be opened vertically, or vice versa. Each tarot opening of the case in a special way, with a corresponding number of cards. Each method has from 3 to 13 cards relating to special conditions, persons, events, feelings or situation, so that the huge number of possible combinations. Additional tips and explanations on what it refers to each card in the required method, each method consists of a unique and important. For some methods, it is necessary to think of a question, a wish or follow the instructions, which is why it is necessary to pay attention to the messages that you sent Sibyl.
The original text, the original design and original music - Sibyl instrumental ambience and complement the CIA application one of the best in its class.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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