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टैटू बनाने वाला एप्प आपको बिना किसी परेशानी के टैटू डिजाईन की सुविधा प्रदान करता है! अपनी खुद की फोटो पर टैटू बनाएं. गैलरी से केवल एक तस्वीर का चयन कर या कैमरे से तस्वीर लेकर, अपनी शैली के अनुसार टैटू डिजाईन का चयन करें, घुमाएँ, आकार तय करें, और प्रभाव को सहेजे और साझा करें!
टैटू मेरा फोटो एक तस्वीर-संपादन ऐप है जो आपके चित्रों के लिए नकली टैटू को जल्दी से जोड़ने पर केंद्रित है
Tattoo banane wala app
Tattoo banane wala app is focused on quickly adding fake tattoos to your pictures with photo editing tools.
It's very simple to add one or more tattoos to your photo using tattoo banane wala apps: select a picture from your gallery (or take one right then), choose a tattoo from the enormous gallery available, and place it wherever you want. You can rotate it, make it bigger or smaller, and even change its opacity.
Once you've finished placing it, you can add another tattoo if you want, with the process being exactly the same as for the first one. Once you're done tattooing your photo you just have to save the changes to your memory, or share it with your friends through Twitter or Facebook.
⚩ Easy to use interface of tattoo banane wala apps.
⚩ Load photos from saved albums or take new photos to use.
⚩ Browse our many tattoos and place them anywhere on your photos, you control the size, rotation and placement of the tattoo.
⚩ Text Tattoos: type anything you want your tattoo to say. Then the tattoo is created as one image so you can easily move and adjust the whole word.
⚩ Eraser! Yes you can erase parts of the tattoo! This is really helpful to make the tattoo look like it is under your clothes or hair. Simply choose the eraser tool and use your finger to erase.
⚩ Color Editing features to change tattoo design colors.
⚩ Flip Tool to change direction & orientation of tattoo designs.
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