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#1 Employee Time Clock App - 30,000+ clock ins daily.
For use with the Tanda: #1 workforce success platform (
Get the most from your workforce with this simple app to help track and verify employee attendance. Set your account up in minutes and say goodbye to paper timesheets and manual paperwork.
Clock In/Out Selfie
Tanda’s Time Clock app uses electronic clock in/out with photo verification so you can be sure that the correct staff are clocking in/out at the right time
View Your Schedule
Schedule details for your next shift appear when you clock out at the end of the day.
Apply for Leave and Unavailability
Let your managers know when you are unavailable to work or request for a leave directly on the Time Clock app.
Works perfectly for multiple industries including hospitality, retail, clubs, medical, franchise, manufacturing, medical, accommodation & more.
Employee attendance tracking and timesheets bundled into 1 simple app for your business.
The Employee Time Clock makes it extremely fast for employees to clock in & out of their work shifts.
Designed for businesses to reduce manual entry of timesheets, this app automatically creates staff timesheets from the Time Clock with many export options. Employees can clock in via a PIN code with added photo verification so you always have a record of who clocked in and out.
✔  Simple clock in/out
✔  Unlimited number of staff & locations
✔  PIN security
✔  Photo verification
✔  Submit leave/time off requests
✔  Multiple employees can use the same app
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