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TIME MACHINE and Twin Paradox
Relativity Theory simulation
an app for android devices
Please note, this is an educational FREE app.
If you have downloaded this app on your device it means you have at least a minimum of knowledge about Relativity by Albert Einstein. If not, please, do not leave a negative feedback and I invite you to inform about it to better appreciate this work.
What app do?
The apparent (it isn't) paradox arising from relativity theory that if one of a pair of twins makes a long journey at near light speed and then returns, he will have aged less than the twin who remains behind.
Infact, the app simulates a relativistic environment where two observers, as in the "twin paradox" synchronize their clocks and one of them goes on a round trip, while the other waits on Earth.
Well, it happens that for the observer undertaking the journey spend only a few minutes, while the brother will wait for a longer time, even years, and at arrival time they both find a great surprise! What happens? Their ages are DIFFERENT! This is clearly shown by the clocks of seconds, minutes, hours, as well as several years, depending from the speed the traveler reached during the trip.
So the app allows you to choose two things:
-how long you want to travel. so select a future date time as destination clicking on orange button or typing the date in yyyy-mm-dd-hh-ss-mm format
-and the date of a future time you want to find on Earth after the allotted time, which can be from one minute to 10 days.
The app calculates the speed almost exact, close the light one, which the traveler must reach.
Keep in mind "c" is light speed and it is almost 300000 km/sec so example 0.9985485c is 299564 km/sec means very close the light speed. Anyway all relativity phenomena are almost all closest c, so the main part of simulation is between 0.9c and 1c.
At this point just press SYNC to synchronize clocks of both observers
So press ACCEL!
Allo done, you will see the animation like this, where clock's times are different for relativity effect and mass will increased. Also is shown kilometers covered.
The speedometer at bottom is not linear. At its half is already 0.8c light speed because the main effect of relativity are really influent after 0.9c
At bottom part a info mesasge space to see what the simulator is doing or asking.
Tools details
The app is equipped with displays:
which show the timing of both observers,
one also to control the increase in mass
and another showing the kiloemeters traveled.
Another interesting display shows a countdown, that is, the time remaining to the arrival, pay attention, in addition to usual seconds varying, it varies FURTHER at varying of speed (this is something which does not happen in the every day life). IT MEANS that a TRAVEL INFLUENCES CLOCKS!
a slider allow to travel manually: just set "manual mode" as desired time interval.
Is possible to acelrate and decelerate with slider.
The app also has two interesting windows:
The first window on the left is an aboard instrument showing the contraction of space.
The direction in which it moves the traveler is at 0°. While the -90° and 90° which corresponded perfectly to the sides left and right before the departure, during the run, will tend more and more to the direction of motion (0°). The phenomenon of space contraction is one of the most readily observable because even traveling at fractions of the light speed is obtained a significant contraction.
The second window assumes you are traveling on a road in the sides of which are arranged yellow poles. This road is very long, let's say some of the Jupiter-Sun distance and another set of poles cyan colored surrounds the orbit of the Earth's revolution.
Anyway also are provided 1000 points simulating stars, light-years away traveler
At speeds approaching 0.3C notice the "curving" of poles in the direction of motion and even some poles appearing in the forward position! In front of the traveler.



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