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TorahCalc is a collection of tools and calculators for Jewish living and Torah Study.
Some of the many calculators you can find in this app include:
· The Free-form Text Input Calculator
- You can currently type in requests for Biblical / Talmudic unit conversions, gematriah calculations, Hebrew calendar conversions, Molad calculations, or leap year calculations. More calculations coming soon.
· Biblical and Talmudic Unit Converter
- Convert Talmudic measurement units to other Talmudic measurement units or to modern measurement units. Convert between any length/distance, area, volume, mass/weight, coins, or time measurements.
· Biblical and Talmudic Multi-Conversion Charts
- Find the equivalent value of a given Biblical, Talmudic, or standard measurement in all of the other units of measurement simultaneously. Convert between all length/distance, area, volume, mass/weight, coins, or time measurements.
· Advanced Gematria Calculator
- Calculate the Hebrew gematria of any word using 25 different methods of calculating gematria.
· Gematria Search
- Find words in the Torah (and other common words) with an equivalent gematria.
· Zmanim Calculator
- Calculate Halachic Times for any location on any date.
· Hebrew Date Converter
- Convert between dates on the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew Calendar.
· Molad Calculator
- Calculate when the molad will occur for any Hebrew month.
· Leap Year Calculators
- Determine whether or not a year is a leap year on the Hebrew calendar or on the Gregorian Calendar.
· Hebrew Zodiac Sign Calculator
- Find out what your zodiac sign is according to Hebrew astrology using the Hebrew calendar.
The app also includes:
Information about each of the 25 Gematria methods
Information about each of the 74 Biblical/Talmudic units
A chart listing the number of chapters and verses in each book of the Tanach and the number of words, letters, and parshios in each book of Torah
Charts listing the minimum measurements required to fulfill the rabbinic and Torah obligations of eating matzah and marror, and drinking the four cups of wine on Pesach (Passover)
I hope to add even more features in the future. If you have suggestions for new features, let us know.



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