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Twiza is a simple way to express your thoughts in short stories and make friends.
Write few words on any topic and someone from across the world(can be your neighbor too ) will complete your story.
Same way you can complete anyone's story and make new friends.
Publish new story with few words and beautiful background image/color and control your curiosity for a moment about what will be next line? who will complete my story?
Twiza also provides the platform to explore tweet-sized stories, poems, jokes, shayaris, quotes, one-liners or tiny tales written by creative people around the world.
Share nicely crafted stories with your friends on any social media platform.
You don’t need to be a photographer to share good photos, you just need Instagram.
You don’t need to be a seller to sell something, you just need eBay.
You don’t need to be a writer to write good stories, you just need Twiza.
Twiza - anyone can be a writer.
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