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StarScapes F/X® Heavenly Ceilings™
Nobody sees the stars anymore, and the people want them back! This is a virtual reality demonstration of what we can do for you in your bedroom.
Imagine a glass ceiling above your bed where you could see thousands of stars in the sky. Stargazing is primal. Instinctive. We were meant to see the stars before falling asleep. Remember searching for constellations and shooting stars? It was awe inspiring and relaxing. Now you can do that every night in your own bedroom. The professional installation only takes a couple of hours with no room prep. During the day, your room looks normal. Just turn out the lights and it appears as though your entire ceiling has disappeared and you're stargazing in bed! You won't believe your eyes!
Some of the finest hotels and motels around the world have StarScapes F/X® Heavenly Ceilings™. Millions of people in 160 countries now stargaze from bed. Why not you? It's the perfect gift to give to someone, especially children that are afraid of the dark; and young newlyweds. You may already have a Heavenly Bed™; and now you can have a Heavenly Ceiling™ which increases your alpha brain waves and rids you of your daily stress.
Get STARSCAPES® in your bedroom, and go to sleep quicker and wake up fully rested and refreshed. To find an installer in your area, visit STARGAZINGCEILINGS.COM
Or be your own boss! You could learn a new and exciting trade and make money full time or part time in this exciting business. Visit STARSCAPES.COM



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