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Virtual Coins is the india's simplest bitcoin wallet. Virtual Coins is the fastest, trustable & easiest way to buy & sell Bitcoins in India. Lowest processing fees & rate with Virtual Coins. Users can also send and receive bitcoins as easy as instant messaging. With Virtual Coins, there is no need to worry about bitcoin addresses or wallet backups. You can simply send bitcoins to contacts using their mobile number and using Virtual Coins bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin is a crypto currency, founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin’s are a form of money existing only digitally, in computer software. Money is actually a concept of exchange and not the paper in your wallet or the gold coin in the treasures. This concept is adopted by Bitcoin. So, it is basically a digital form of currency which is a decentralized system. Implying that like for any transactions that we make with our existing currency requires bank as an intermediary, Bitcoin does not require one, perhaps. With Bitcoin, the transactions carry out end to end without any “powerful entities” like banks sitting in the middle and charging every single transaction carried out. Bitcoin is first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network.



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