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Enough of paying dearly for your calls.
With Voip do Brasil App you make calls to any fixed and mobile phones in the world using your WiFi and 3G / 4G network, without using the minutes of your operator.
You can save up to 90% if you compare to your carrier's plan.
How Voip Works?
Voip telephony works like conventional telephony, with only one difference, as the call arrives on your phone and on the destination phone.
Instead of using conventional telephony wiring, Voip directs the phone calls using your broadband internet connection.
You can make calls through your computer, landline, IP phone, or connect the VoIP lines to your PBX. Just listen to the dial tone and make your calls like you always do.
What has changed is that you will not pay the high amounts charged by conventional carriers.
Main features of APP
- English and Portuguese
- Make and receive VoIP calls
- Integrated contacts with telephone
- Speakerphone
- Mute
- Favorites
- Recent call history
- Echo cancellation
- Support for PCMU, PCMA, GSM, G722, iLBC codecs and more
Coming soon
- Balance inquiry
- Call with video
- Sending SMS to mobile operators
- Recharge and monthly payment



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