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Download the app and make instant bank transfers on any card, free of charge. Reception, at all hours of day and night. The easiest and cheapest way to split the bill!
Why should you install Volt?
★ cash out of trouble!
With the Volt, it's simple to share your score with friends, even when no one is cash. Make bank transfers (or interchange) which takes less than a minute and get your money instantly, regardless of day or time you send them. Create an account card only and no the phone and can send money to any card in the country immediately!
★ bank transfers NON STOP. Even on weekends!
No longer depend on the program from the bank. The Volt instantly send money online, on the phone, 24/7, 365 days a year. Urgent, anytime and anywhere in Romania. Give skip the queue at the bank or post office forever!
★ NO commission up to 500 lei / month
Free transfers of up to 500 lei each month. When you pass 500 lei, just who send money pays 1% of the amount sent, without any hidden charges or surprises. Amount reaches the recipient always full!
★ interbank transfers simple as ABC
Friend who paid your lunch when you did not have cash card at another bank? No problem! The Volt interbank transfers are as simple as any other transaction. No further data transfer to a normal, you extra fees and get money as fast from one bank to another!
★ send the card securely by phone
Your card is validated safest security systems Visa and Mastercard, and your data bank are processed via safe Romcard. Each transaction is 100% safe, just as you're used to the bank!
★ You can ask for money without stress
With the Volt you can request payment in a cooler. A friend forgot to give back money pizza? Send notice, remember when divided and ready! Follow transaction history and are always in control of your money.
★ No need to remember codes 10 or 14 digits
With the Volt you can add your personal cards or those of friends who want to send money, just like a phone book. You can keep the card numbers for your future transfers are much faster: just choose and transfer!
★ Fast, super easy, safe and cool. The definition of a bank transfer to the Volt!



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