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Have trouble sleeping? Whist - Sleep Sound Designer lets you create customized sounds that help you get to sleep, stay asleep, or just relax. Unlike other white noise apps, Whist - Sleep Sound Designer doesn't use pre-recorded, looping tracks of rain, beaches, crickets or other distracting sounds that may keep you awake. With Whist - Sleep Sound Designer, you are the sound designer, and you create the personalized sounds that best fit your needs.
*Whist - Sleep Sound Designer (FREE) lets you use pre-set sounds, and lets you design your own sounds, but does not let you save them. To save your personally designed sounds, upgrade to Whist - Sleep Sound Designer.
When struggling to sleep, everyone is different. Some people prefer pure silence, others may use a fan for background noise. Whist - Sleep Sound Designer allows you to adjust pitch, quality and rhythm to create a soothing sound that works best to give you a great night's sleep. You can customize your own personal sound therapy, and having a personalized soundscape can make the difference between healthy sleep, and the tossing and turning that accompanies insomnia.
Save as many sounds as you need to mask distracting background noises:
. In the bedroom
. In the baby's nursery
. In your hotel room
. In your office
. Anywhere you need to ensure sound sleep
Whist - Sleep Sound Designer can also be used:
. While traveling
. For tinnitus relief - block out the annoying ringing in your ears
. As a meditation soundtrack
. To concentrate
. Anytime you need to drown out distracting external noise
Whist - Sleep Sound Designer is an app for your Android phone or tablet, so you can always have your personalized sounds at your fingertips. No need to carry around a bulky sleep sound machine that requires a power cord. Why scroll through dozens of pre-recorded sounds, hoping to find one that suits you?
With its flexible controls, Whist - Sleep Sound Designer can create an unlimited variety of customized sounds to help you sleep.
-Alarm Clock (darkens for nighttime use)
-Timer (to set stop times for sounds)
-Analog and Digital Clock views
-Customize pitch, quality, tempo and rhythm
-Intuitive interface
-Save unlimited customized sounds
Created by a team of renowned hearing science researchers and engineers, Whist - Sleep Sound Designer has all the features to make it the perfect app for your nightstand.
With nearly thirty years of experience in hearing science research and development, Sensimetrics creates products to support and protect healthy hearing. Read about Sensimetrics' products at



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