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X Image Locker(Hide photos) will help you to lock(protect) photos from others, using with numeric password.
You can hide pictures securely and conveniently.
You can use X Image Locker(Hide photos) when:
* You have some photos do not want to share to ohters when some one use your phone.Hide it with X Image Locker.
* Child want to play with your phone,but in case of he delete your photo.Hide it with X Image Locker.
* Do not want some application to scan your photos.Hide it with X Image Locker.
How to hide icon of "X Image Hider" from launcher?
You must install "XCalculator" at first.
1.Settings --> Hide my icon
2.A dialog will show to tell you to launch from XCalculator.Click button "ok" to launch from XCalculator by "4.yourPassword="
3.After you input "4.yourPassword=" from XCalculator."X Image Hider" will launch.And a dialog shown to ask you to hide "ok" button. After a few seconds,the icon of "X Image Hider" from launcher.(may be 5 seconds or more).
How to launch "X Image Hider" from XCalculator ?
1.Launch XCalculator .
2.Input "4.yourPassword=".For example , if your password is must input 1.1234=.When "=" input,X Image Hider will launch.
When you input "4.fourDigits=".No metter if fourDigits you input is your correct password,the X Image Hider will launch.If fourDigits is your password,you will not input password any more,but if fourDigits is not your password,you must input correct password to enter.



الإصدار: 1.7

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android3.1 or later


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