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ZEM RSP consists of 3 games of Reaction, Speed and Power measurement.
ZEM RSP app uses bluetooth connectivity to pair with a variety of ZEMITA products such as the Mitts, Pads, etc.
ZEM Reaction is a game that measures the instantaneous reaction time
ZEM Speed is a game that measure the impact speed
ZEM Power is a game that measures the intensity of power
1) ZEM Reaction game measures the instantaneous reaction time.
As soon as the RED background color turns GREEN, STRIKE!!!
The reaction time between the color change and strike is recorded and saved.
Displays ranking of the Top 20 saved time.
2) ZEM Speed game measures the impact velocity.
-Measure the average speed according to the set time (The set time can be adjusted in Time Mode)
-Measuring the average speed corresponding to a set number (The set number can be adjusted in Count Mode)
-Mixed Mode can apply both the set time and set number simultaneously, judging ‘Fail’ or ‘Success’..
3) ZEM Power game measures power intensity
It may store the average power of an impact strength for a set number of times and show the ranking up to No. 20
Without the risk of injury, Zemita products can easily measure everyone’s power, speed, and stamina with the same striking force.
With the simple ZEMITA, it’s a thrilling way to release stress!
The easy to learn ZEMITA can brush off stress with excitement and fun!!!



الإصدار: 1.1.170726

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.3 or later


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