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★ Chemie Study Features ★
Education Innovation of the Republic of Korea! Tutor and students of Seoul National University
Fantastic kungjjak-Chemie study!
Elementary School - Grade 3 to Grade 4
The core concept of video lectures for a total of 45 core subjects
Over a whopping 10,000!
New educational app breaks the mold of traditional teaching methods -
For you are that Seoul Sam 1:01 personalized tutoring -
I wonder studying secrets by telling the 33 SNU students?
Discover the best learning mentor ~
The best way to learn themselves!
Now ingang until now was expensive and boring, do not listen
Each time you test to see GPA, starting from March mock test
June and September when the mock test is coming.
SAT D-200, D-100 Did afraid of coming to?
SAT in admissions difficult and tiring battle
I'll help you become a winner
By subject, it was used for each test
The other study apps, the app does not question the need!
Chemie study! If only you are perfect!
Try using easy to sign up as KakaoTalk account
▶ to study: Articles 3 minutes clogging the core concept
✔ When the game while studying the concept does not make sense
Do not be discouraged.
Powerful search capabilities contained only the concept that I do not know
Only 3 minutes are critical when studying video!
Tutor lectures that are taught in the Seoul National University
~ Know studying is a bonus
Fourth grade to third grade of high school -
Let's study the main courses!
Seoul National University to receive unlimited tutoring ssaemdeul ~
SAT from GPA to resolve the shot!
Do not worry when you do not know is studying!
Do not get frustrated after watching mock test!
The study Chemie iteunikkayo
 - Meet the teachers solutions - for the main course! -
thwjd0730, Louis RMB Tutor
: Language is important - while fundamentals are equipped with the basic vocabulary and reading comprehension have to find an efficient learning method
legohousekid, othello Tutor
English'll be able to learn a lot watching several examples around the word ditch grammar to reading fun ~ ^^
Ginny, mikak0114 Tutor
: First, let's solve a variety of math problems together after the correct level concepts - not hard to come up step by step
Sharers, CHAN_E Tutor
Science needs a beautiful meeting of the understanding and memorization. What are you studying and understanding the formula and experiment -
SNUECON, darkcla Tutor
: Society is also important, but I have to memorize a lot of thought itself. Let's see, hear, understand, and studying and writing -
Ying melt, Hospitality Tutor
History is to be understood well by stem the flow of highlights. I know how important memorize! I'll tell you hanteman!
▶ question: ask the answer comes. Comes with video!
✔ What are you doing, no matter how many lesson?
I want to ask anything else.
I ve haebwado wondering ... no matter search
Ask Do not worry!
I do not know if the registered picture or global content,
Studies have Chemie SNU Tutor sister brother
It gives answers within 30 minutes!
Faster and more accurate answers than the tutor ~
Workbooks from GPA to mock test problem solving!
Saenggyeodo Do not worry - this question is also difficult to solve problems, do not worry!
Iteunikkayo questions apps Chemie study
▶ to join! Tutor and communicate with friends Seoul area
✔ study is not haneunge nahonja. Further study
Andoejyo be a lonely fight of his own!
Through me Chemie Star grams, as Free Board to study
SNU Tutor friends and communicate space with sister my brother!
Beyond just a place to study a variety of information and knowledge million
Please share the story ~
Study oerowodo Do not worry!
The study, study Friends Chemie iteunikkayo ~
The new educational paradigm of the Republic of Korea! Chemie will produce a study.
▶ Official Site
✔ Website:
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