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Morning and evening - without Net new 2016
Program for daily use and contains many of the prayers and supplications in times of morning and evening through this work We hope that the benefit of all and waited Jaddedadna
Always from mobile phone applications, we program designed to be very simple and free includes Citation for morning and evening written and Citation for Muslim without Internet is an encyclopedia Blessings because it contains all Blessings Almostagabh own Badeih morning and evening, which is one of the most important true dhikr and roquia daily due to availability upon every Muslim
 Duas anamnesis and Muslim fortress
 Morning and evening prayers
 Automatic Citation for morning and evening
 Muslim prayers
 Duas without Net
 Anamnesis morning and evening praise
Citation Muslim VIDEO
Aladkar audible without Internet
 azkari Azkara
 Doaa unmet
 Male after the prayer
 Muslim without full Internet Fort
 True alarm Azkar
adkar sabah wa masae



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