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One of the frontrunners financial and banking companies to work in Iraq and operates a large and largely due to Iraq's dependence on import is mainly by 95%.
The company privileges
- The company has an account with the Central Bank of Iraq.
- Iraqi company officially metaphorically as an agent of the Iraqi Central Bank to the company
Western Younine.
- Iraqi company officially metaphorically as an agent of the Iraqi Central Bank to the company
Master Card .
- The company a member of the Iraqi - British Rally (ie BBC).
- The company a member of the Union of Arab Banks.
We seek to leadership and excellence in the financial field of employment regionally and internationally
The message:
1. contribute to the development of the financial and economic work in Iraq.
2. to provide premium services to slice the importers and exporters and foreign labor.
3. attract talent and human resources to join our team successful.
4. optimizing the return to shareholders in the company.
The company aims to provide a service characterized by speed / accuracy / safety.
Mechanism for achieving the goals
1. Management distinct efficient use sophisticated types of modern administrations in the leadership of combining centralization and decentralization team and be flexible.
2. structural organization of work (Duties and Powers) distribution.
3. cadre of specialist works efficiently as a team.
4. accounting electronic systems operate integrated accounting system.
5. Amina advanced communications systems.
6. training plan for the development of staff and keep up with the speed of development include (new and existing employees).
7. Work on the development of commercial, industrial and agricultural relations through a plan aimed at small merchants down to the big traders and businessmen, regional and international financial companies.
8. The company invests modern media plan to publicize its activities through various media outlets and the website ( and modern propaganda aimed at working in the commercial and financial area slide.
9. implementation of the planning and development department plan and throughout the year include (systems, individuals, assess the work, the opening of new branches to increase the spread of the company) and to keep pace with the rapid development taking place in the world.
10. Higher administrative development organization the company has succeeded in obtaining the approval of the Iraqi work Teletext system and the company is the only company among the remittance companies operating Teletext system.
11. Use the electronic system of the company and Western Younine to implement personal remittances and small international company operates in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq, especially the fight against money laundering Iraqi law for the year 2004.
12. Anti-Money Laundering, which operates according to the Iraqi Central Bank Act and regulations and circulars issued it and the law against money laundering section.
13. The Company has a security staff efficient and coach for the protection of all matters relating to company matters
14. provide liquidity in each branch and permanently currencies that serve the customer.
Features of the application:
1. Showing all the company's services.
2. Customer service.
3. Offers MasterCard cards.
4. Locations and subsidiaries of the company.
5. ATM company sites.
6. Agents MasterCard guide.
7. Messaging contact customer service.
8. Find your nearest agent Mastercard.
9. Look for the nearest ATM.
10. Find your nearest branch of our branches.
11. He participated in the opinion services.
12. Services participated via Facebook.
13. Can Show sections and guide ATM in the application without the Internet.
And more services and other benefits ..



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