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Allah has created human beings to worship only Him. However, he was ordained worship, the thing has made obligatory. Should they be done exclusively and only for the sake of the Muslims. The provision of such a sacrifice, worship Adam (peace be upon him.) This has been happening since. This includes apps at:
1. The literal meaning of sacrifice and terminological
II. Age sacrificial animals
3. Only eight animals were sacrificed by a valid
4. Offering history, purpose, and some provisions
6. Detailed regulations of sacrifice
7. The method of animal slaughter
8. Yilahaja the first ten days of the month, Eid, sacrifice and lunar
9. Yilahaja, and the sacrifice of Eid
10. To perform Hajj and Umrah
11. Eid days
1. Eid in Islam circulation
13. Or during times of sacrifice
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