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Attention! When you first launch the app loads the required images, about a minute will be a white screen.
The application contains a reference to the decision of problems of theoretical mechanics course included in the collection Kep OE and it includes a decision Taskbook 95% of all sections. Most of the solutions of tasks performed by hand and scanned.
For the application, you need an Internet connection.
Download the tasks Kep into the following sections:
1. The system of convergent forces.
2. The flat system of forces.
3. The balance system bodies under the influence of a plane system of forces.
4. Farms.
5. The spatial force system.
6. The center of gravity.
7. kinematics.
8. The translational and rotational movement.
9. The plane-parallel motion of a rigid body.
10. Spherical movement and the general case of a rigid body motion.
11. The complex motion of the point.
12. The complex motion of a rigid body.
13. Dynamics point.
14. theorems about the center of mass motion and the change of momentum and kinetic moment.
15. Theorem change of kinetic energy.
16. Dynamics solid.
17. D'Alembert's principle.
18. virtual work.
19. The general equation of dynamics.
20. Lagrange equation of the second kind.
21. Small oscillations of mechanical systems.
22. The impact theory.
23. Dynamics of a point of variable mass.



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