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The main credo of pre-school education - preschool education should be interesting! That is why we propose to teach kids letters and learn to read with the help of funny and mischievous songs, colorful illustrations and fun animations!
Ringtones songs are easy to remember, and I want to repeat again and again - ideal for teaching children from 2 to 5 years!
But the baby was even easier to learn the letters and learn to read, in addition to a little song we offer educational games that develop skills necessary for children to read.
The ABC application in the song:
Electronic alphabet for children - 33 songs in each letter of the alphabet and funny pictures to them. All 33 letters - animated! Letters dancing fun!
Find and show - an educational game that develops attention, not only in children, but also trains phonemic hearing preschool children (taught to analyze the sound of words). The reward for each correct item found is a funny animation.
Puzzles - educational game in which the child does what he likes - to collect puzzles, and we call characters that are drawn on it and the sound (hard or soft), which begins with the word. So imperceptibly toddler learning to read!
Writing letters - in order to better remember how to look like letters, we offer not only look at them and listen to their name, but also to write letters! And to help write letters merry brush!
Key Features
• Pre-school education: teach letters and sounds fun!
• 33 funny songs for each letter of the Russian alphabet
• 3 additional educational games for children from 2 to 5 years
• 33 puzzle and sounds with words that begin
• 66 animations in the game "Find and show" 33 dancing letters
• write 33 letters
• beautiful illustrations for the little ones
Comfort and safety:
• User-friendly interface specifically designed for young children
• In games there is no time limit or scoring
• safe for children! No outside advertising!
Play, listen to songs, learn letters and the alphabet!
We are confident that ABC in the song will give you and your child a lot of joy and pleasure and will help instill in children a love of reading and books.
Dear users!
You get 10 songs, 10 puzzles, 10 letters and two of the field in the game "Find and show" To get all 33 letters and a full range of games, you need to download the full version of the application.
The game "ABC in the song" creative team developed "the MAGE", creating educational applications for children. We strive to ensure that our applications are distinguished not only by quality - in poetry, graphics, sound and design - and security - the application does not contain extraneous advertising.
We thank you for what you use our app, and really want to get your kid not only learned the letters, but also fell in love with reading. Therefore it is very important your detailed feedback about the application and how it reacted to your child. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at We are always open to dialogue and will be happy to resolve any problems!
Sincerely, The Mage




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