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Coastal applications are made every year in Turkey twice in preparation for Amateur Radio examinations conducted by the Police General Directorate.
 * Questions for Document Class AB and Class C are prepared separately.
 * To work with these questions does not need internet connection.
 * When you click the stylish answer portion of the study;
      - If your selection is correct background will be green,
      - Your choice is wrong if it turns red background.
* Then, use the button to see the next and previous questions.
* Click the case you thought it was right to answer the questions of the exam.
* You are entitled to an answer.
* To confirm, reply / Click the Next button.
* You can now empty the Skip button.
* If you want to see the statistics to finish the exam at any point you can see the statistics of the incoming alert window by pressing the button or you can completely get back your device.
* Start from İsteneil questions will be included in the next update.
* Work related to the appearance of the correct answers by clicking on the wrong done to the questions we istatas screen will be made.
* In National and International Phonetic Alphabet is added,
* Morse code is added,
* Exam is to be added to a page of related tips. Ali Rıza ÖZSARAN TA3EL for their contribution 'to thank.
Design has been kept quite simple for this purpose.
The tablets are made compatible.
Very small screens are not compatible with the phone.
Applications will continue to be developed.
This application has been made to provide material benefits from anybody,
Beğenip to comment on the play store which satisfied the program will allow it to reach more people.
There is a labor in construction. Before making negative comments we put a little more effort to improve If you contact throws an e-mail.
If you give us your comments and suggestions about the application baybar001 @ gmail email address to throwing'm glad.
who will enter the Amateur Radio exam success.
You can subscribe to the facebook page to be informed of developments. to
Bekir AYBAR - TB8CF A - 2017



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