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January 21, 2017 - came completely modified, a new version (4.0) of the annex with a new design and all your wishes in the past! 57,000 units at present !! All of your wealth, our dear users! We wish you peace and love!
(Total lifetime of service, came out 31 updates. We remember and love you!)
03.27.2015 - Online the new version of the system "no commission" 2.0 "RENT" and base "SALE". The number of objects! In each city is now about 200 sites per day in three databases on the site (Annex 3 base will be realized in December 2015). By increasing the number of employees and processed areas - we have no doubt the most powerful database of the existing at the moment!
03/15/2015 - came the next version of the application. Optimized delivery of objects, improved. In April 2016, the city will be implemented in the application. So far, only on the website.
22.11.2014 We have moved to a new server. Download speed applications and databases increased by 4 times. We also optimize the performance of alert for all devices. Everyone's favorite users - ALERT works perfectly on almost all devices.
Total released 30 updates in 2012.
Database "Rent" works in St. Petersburg, Moscow. In other cities are being developed. Database "For Sale" works in St. Petersburg. In April of 2015 - it is planned to open in Moscow.
The complete database contains only on our website.
Internet newspaper "no commission" - is the best assistant for rental apartments and rooms without intermediaries. Our application helps to remove or to rent an apartment / room without commission and agents.
We guarantee:
1. 100% of our ad from the owners. Repeatedly checked and a large team.
2. Every day, 50-80 new apartments, rooms for the city of St. Petersburg and 50-90 in Moscow and the region.
Approximately 30-40 in the city of Kazan.
3. Hundreds of photos from owners daily.
4. The database contains unique features that you will not find anywhere else.
5. For the owners, the supply of ads - for free.
6. For renters - paid services. However, this is - it's worth it!
Join us! 18,000 downloads! More than 12 mln. Rubles saved on commissions! We have now created an application for Android and become closer to you. Note the Shares on the site!
All rental market facilities right on your phone / tablet, wherever you are! You only need to have an active access (full access for an extra charge) and the device at hand. Add an apartment loved by favorites, call the owner of the application, share objects in social networks ...
21 improvement over the two years. Please note, a new feature - instant notification about new objects in the application from the site!
Internet newspaper "no commission"
Now everything has changed!
- A fresh subject of a notification within minutes!
- Filter by price / type of housing / metro / street name
- Photos of apartments Gallery
- Add and browse to the "favorites"
- Less traffic, and battery life
- Added the city of Kazan, improved push notifications. Optimized database.
- Reduced cost of the battery when notifications
-Oblegchena Work with notifications
-Added Filtering and notification about new ads
-Added A new city - Moscow and Moscow region
- Fixed an issue with the map
- To facilitate the dispensing system. Fixed errors in some types of devices
- A new, progressive system paging facilities
- Added an overview of the nearest object on the map
- Improved Photoslider
- Added interactive map
- Improved work on low devices
- Reducing energy consumption and traffic.
- Added support for new devices
- Added a search by keyword
- Performance improvement
- New navigation bar
- Improved work with unstable connection to the Internet
- Support for landscape screen orientation



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