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All that you can do with the family budget detailing by hand
I tried to express to your mobile.
Through the good features, you can easily create a family budget.
♡ features of good gagebu
▶ clean the main screen
- to select by date, each asset, the type you can see the data you need.
▶ a variety of settings
- it can better monitor can be used by changing the settings available to suit the taste of the user.
▶ calendar shown on a monthly basis
- their consumption history to customize their spending, income, savings history by color in the Calendar screen, you can at a glance.
▶ Powerful Search and Query
- You can see the details by choosing which search through the history and statistics.
▶ asset management for the real world
- it can be divided by cash, bank account, debit card, credit card, manage assets.
▶ reduce consumption through the budget
- through the budget, you can manage your monthly expenses, income and savings.
▶ easy viewing statistics
- You can easily see statistics divided by assets, category, amount.
▶ Automatic enter via text
- Through the last character input and the character of automation that can be called essential household of mobile you can easily enter the history.
▶ Repeat input is also easy
- Daily, weekly, monthly, at any time, through repetition, enter the date you want, you can easily enter the history.
▶ scrupulous debt features
- bilrindon, to receive the money, I paid off the money, receiving money, you can enter detailed debt history.
▶ classification (category) my disposal
- it does not conform to classification (category) one can enter by dividing into spending, income, savings, transfer, debt.
▶ data management easy
- I can have Google Drive through the re-born does not go away Google's default backup and data recovery.
▶ configurable widget
- You can use your own widgets through the data, transparency, and theme settings that you want to view.
▶ Data Management Using Excel
- You can easily move a computer to create a household history of Excel.
Your questions while using the press the question mark at the top right in the screen whenever you can get help.
But I'll answer your questions part one most do not cause us a big one e-mail as soon as possible.
As if in addition to the part or have any bugs and fixes to
Please feel free to e-mail any time.
Let's just see who sent valuable feedback!
Description Permission
- the necessary permissions to back up the data and creating Excel files.
- The necessary permission for data recovery.
▶ GET_ACCOUNTS (optional)
- the necessary permissions when backing up to Google Drive.
▶ RECEIVE_MMS (optional)
- the necessary permissions to automatically enter the received MMS.
▶ RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH (optional)
- the necessary permissions to automatically enter the received MMS.
▶ RECEIVE_SMS (optional)
- the necessary permissions to automatically enter the received SMS.
▶ READ_SMS (optional)
- the necessary authority to bring the history of SMS input.



الإصدار: 2.1.9

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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