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World five thousand years, which is a popular both informative and interesting history books. It is in the history of mankind worldwide backbone through one fun little story, vivid, concise picture of the five thousand years of ancient civilization, and social change, the war situation, Mingrenyishi and geographic discovery.
This book is the history of human civilization in the world for clues, the book relates to many aspects of social change, political economy, history, man, science and technology progress five years to the rise and fall of various ancient, glorious and sorrowful. With a fun story and beautiful pictures, so you readers wander the promenade and world history, to understand the world, knowledgeable, open-minded, expand horizons and improve Humanities.
Application Features:
1, day / night mode switch freely;
2, the historical story of the title to the list of shows that rapid positioning;
3, "the one", "Next" button to quickly navigate;
4, font size settings;
5, a key share to micro-channel, Line, Kakao other social networks.



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