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Currently accurately convey colorful information such as new launching events and tastings are held in various events, import Sanaa wine-related companies such as catering cattle call package prices or wine selling price or location or promotions of wine outlets to handle the wine from the Republic of Korea There is no site.
Article posted on the portal's sites are usually the most professional column will glow in the introduction to wine or winery.
However, the consumer's interest to wine lovers or wine,
* How and where to sell any wine?
* How much to sell?
* Whether the service call package?
* If the special offer or event such as a tasting? The great things about such questions.
Have the correct information to create interest is what passes for more wine causes more people about this wine is a great way to be drinking a lot more as well. (Cheaper and more delicious if you eat as long as a good wine !! ^^)
"Wapong" is to accurately convey this information to the wine lovers and wine-related consumer wants to lead the popularization of the wine industry.
It collects information of wine-related industries are struggling individually and delivered exactly to think that it must contribute to words wide and growing popularity of the wine market to amplify pay more attention to lead the public towards the wine.
Pure heart to be with also presents a virtuous circle ever ring in the wine market distortions and contradictions of the Republic of Korea as one people of love and passion for wine full of lovers prepare in advance the confusion caused by the massive appearance and Selling on the Internet allow such future foreign investment try to step off the pace towards the wine. ~
KEEP CALM AND PLOP IN TO THE WINE (fondant on the ~~ wapong wine!)



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