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In 1950, during the summer holidays of 1 and February, Guevara traveled 12 provinces in northern Argentina and walked about more than 4000 kilometers. In 1951, Guevara decided to drop out of school for 1 years and travel around South America, under the advice of his good friend pharmacist Alberto Granado Granado (Alberto). Their transportation is a 1939 year old Norton motorcycle. They set out on December 29, 1951, and decided that they would cross the whole of South America along the Andes and arrive in Venezuela via Argentina, Chile, Peru and Columbia. In the middle of the road, their motorcycle broke down. Guevara also worked for several months in a leper village in Peru. During this trip, Guevara began to understand the poverty and misery in Latin America, and his internationalism thoughts began to develop in this journey. In September 1952, Guevara returned to Argentina by plane. In his diary at this time, he wrote, "those who wrote these diaries died when they set foot on the land of Argentina.". I am no longer me.



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