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"Atleta (Atoreta)" is a service that supports efficient growth habit of the day-to-day condition management, to enhance the self-management ability of the players.
Reduce the labor required to contact the business and office work necessary for the operation activities by various communication tools.
To facilitate the communication of the players and leaders, the situation was hard to notice the players that to visualize, you can optimize the guidance and practice menu.
★ Point1 ★ support the eating habits of the players
It supports an important diet for athletes.
When you record a diet with photos and text, calculate the calories and nutritional balance automatically.
Not only to record the meal contents, also provides diet improvement plan.
★ Point2 ★ "Runaruna" ※ Cooperation with physiological date prediction
Cooperation with the physiological date management service "Runaruna".
Physiological start date, physiological scheduled end date, you can check the menstrual cycle.
In conjunction with diet and training by checking regularly, prevention of many energy shortage and abnormal menstruation in female athletes can be expected.
※ The Runaruna, Ltd. MTI operated, health support services of the body and mind of women, including the physiological prediction.
★ Point3 ★ efficiency of the complicated paperwork by contact tool
Collectively support schedule sharing and practice games, communication to the players, officials, the attendance management.
Tend to be complicated, it will be freed from the labor of communication through practice notes and print distribution.
[Notes on use]
※ to your use of this service requires a user ID.
※ If your ID is unknown, please contact the person responsible for their affiliated organizations.
※ by the team, there is the case that the menu that some display is different.
[Recommended OS ver.]
Android 5.1 or higher
※ If you use the recommended OSver. Otherwise, there is a possibility that such display collapse occurs. Please note.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.4 or later


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