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We all know that the devil is man's arch-enemy since time immemorial, since the beginning of creation; ie since God created the Almighty Prophet Adam peace be upon him refused to bow down to him, arguing that the creation of fire, and our Lord created Adam from clay, was thought himself superior to worship him, so the Almighty God to expel him from the mercy and gave him his anger to the day of Resurrection, as in the verse: "the devil is your enemy as an enemy", so he Baltuad human beings that Agoehm all of them. The devil comes to a man in the case of negligence, exploits his weakness and whispers to him, but it must be his will stronger than the devil and whispers, do not follow the footsteps of the devil and walk behind it without thinking, but we must not throw away all our mistakes and sins rests with the devil, the appetite is inclined towards evil , we always face ourselves, Vkid the devil is weak, so we should not attach all our sins and our sins on the devil, Varadtna a great role in getting rid of whispers, but if we give to Osuste the devil will control us and makes us follow his steps.



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