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Vigi Weather find the weather information Vigilance Météo France on your smartphone or tablet. Always be alerted in case of vigilance in your department.
Vigi Weather offers the following features:
• watch map departments and coastline.
• List of departments with their level of alertness.
• Customize your list followed departments.
• Ability to sort the list by level of vigilance or department.
• Consultation offline vigilance newsletters by clicking on the map or in the list.
• Notifications for your tracked departments (ring, vibrate and LED customizable).
• Notifications silent at night (adjustable).
• Widget resizable map.
• Widget list resizable followed departments.
• Choice of a clear theme and a dark theme.
4 levels of alertness: green, yellow, orange, red.
9 types of risk: violent wind storms, flooding rain, flood, flood waves, extreme cold, heat waves, avalanches, snow ice.
The Standard Edition is free, but accompanied by advertising.
The premium edition is ad-free, but is charged.



الإصدار: 4.1-1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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