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** Each of the nature sounds and one brainwave can be played not only individually but also simultaneously.
The nature meditation music makes you be the most comfortable condition.
This meditation sound app help to calm down the angry.
Listening the nature sounds are very helpful for deep and peaceful sleep.
You can control the mind and body through meditation sounds when you want a deep meditation and yoga.

Nature meditation sounds consists of ten kinds of nature sounds.
1. Sound of waves
2. Sound of Owls
3. Sound of rain
4. Sound of burning firewood
5. Sound of stream water
6. Sound of birds
7. Frog
8. Bell
9 . Theta brainwave(EEG) helpful for mediation.
10. Wind through bamboo forest "Timer setting." You can easily set time to play sounds through sliding the timer setting bar. Loop play is default setting and you can change this play mode as click the timer setting icon which located on right upper position.

"Sound volume setting"
Volume of each sound can be adjusted individually.
It help to make variety sound by mixing sounds by yourself.

Each of these 10 kinds of nature sound can be played at the same time.
Each combination of sounds you can create the desired sound.
You can imagine something like making a bonfire on the beach listening to the birds singing.

You can concentrate on learning when listening the nature sounds even though noise are around you.

The nature meditation sound are the best way to appease a crying child.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3 or later


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