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Naturalization test in 2016 with the official issues is the ideal preparation for the naturalization in Germany. With all 460 questions to date. complete, user-friendly and free. Designed for smartphones AND tablets.
They have in each test the choice between:
- 33 questions (like the official citizenship test)
- 100 questions (random questions)
- 310 questions (all general + 10 questions for a federal state)
- Unanswered questions
- Questions you got wrong
With just one click, you can answer a question. they see results both immediately, and at the end with all the questions. Einbürgerungstest DW is the most intuitive Einbuergerungstest.
Read what our users say:
"5 Star Super app, I can learn on the go. Everything simple and well combined. Thank you :-)"
"I think it's great! Well done you can even look at the unanswered questions again."
"Interesting to test Also known as German exciting to his knowledge."
"Qualitatively are asked pertinent questions that should mostly know if you want to live in Germany."
Einbürgerungstest 2015 supports ideal in the preparation.
If desired, the results may also be shown only at the end.
In the statistics you can always see how many tests performed and passed or made and how many questions and were answered correctly.
In the development of the long experience of naturalization portal has flowed. Therefore naturalization test provides 2016 all you can expect from a naturalization test app.
About the citizenship test:
When Einbürgerungstest 33 random questions are asked about life in Germany.
Of these, 30 general and 3 federal country-specific issues. In order to pass, at least 17 questions must be answered correctly within 60 minutes. The citizenship test is a prerequisite to be naturalized in Germany.



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