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The arrival of a baby is always a unique and magical moment, is not it? With that in mind, we set up for you the best source of information about the universe, providing a complete follow-up from the beginning of pregnancy - through development of the fetus week by week, until delivery / first year of baby's life.
This phase is normal you have many questions: How to make the baby's layette? How many diapers are worn out? What care zika virus? Well ... Do not be alarmed! We set up a complete digital guide for you to become expert on the subject.
Keep the palms a real encyclopedia of pregnancy, with health tips, body changes, nutrition, exercise, countdown, vaccines, breastfeeding and much more!
The content has been prepared by many experts in an interactive presentation and easy to use: videos, articles, news and full texts for everything you need at this time so special.
Live this amazing experience with the LIVE Guide Mom.
Download it today!
Check below what you will find:
- Pregnancy week by week: what changes in a woman's body? How should the preparation of the parents? What is already formed in the baby at each stage? These and many other questions are addressed in separate content according to the week of gestation;
- Meeting of experts: doctors, gynecologists, obstetricians, nutritionists, speech therapists, stylists and other professionals come together to provide a complete monitoring for key stakeholders in pregnancy (mothers, fathers and babies);
- The best name for your baby: check out a list of names of girls, boys and their meanings;
- From mother to mother, as well as testimonials from those who have had their first child, the Living Mummy Guide provides a forum for moms to exchange tips, questions and experiences about everything related to pregnancy;
- Your baby always healthy: vaccines schedule, separated by month, as all the necessary immunizations for your child;
- Maternity Checklist: the big moment is coming and you do not know what to take maternity purse? It's all right! Gain access to a complete list, and if you still want to add something, feel free;
- Always up to date: the news area you will be on top of scientific discoveries, new products, and the latest gossip about the pregnancy of famous;)



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