Camera 365 Plus (Beauty Camera With Photo Effects)

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You are not a photographer? Camera 365 Plus will help you take beautiful photos like the photographers!
You are not beautiful? Camera 365 Plus will make you beautiful with smooth skin, sweetness and gentleness!
Do you like the magic? Camera 365 Plus will help you create the magic photos with the way you like to do!
Do you like the vibrancy? Camera 365 Plus also supports video recorder and create GIF animation feature!
Main features

Fast shoot
: Fast to take photos with the basic features.

Effects mode
: Take photos with the beautiful image filters and photo effects.

GIF mode
: Make GIF (animated) images with HD mode, high speed and high quality.

Video recorder
: Record video with full HD quality, apply the beautiful effects to videos.

Photo editor
: Edit your image with the beautiful image filters and photo effects.

Photo library
: Manage all images and videos that you have created, view or share them any time.
Foremost photo effects

Magic skin
: Make your skin looks rosy and glossy.

Black white
: Make your photos to black and white.

: Blur your photos.

Dark color
: Apply dark colors to your photos.

: Mysterious colors for photos and make it vivid.

Light color
: Express your sweetness and gentleness.

: Express your retrospective feelings.

: Make your photo look like sketch.

: Make your photo distortion.

: Apply sepia colors to your photos.

: Highlight the center of your photos.

: Make your photo look like X-Ray.
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الإصدار: 04.12.19

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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