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Graphic dictations for preschoolers well help parents systematically prepare children for school and to prevent these typical difficulties in learning how undeveloped spelling vigilance, restlessness and distraction.
Drawing on the cell - a very exciting and useful exercise for children. This game mode of development of the baby of spatial imagination, fine motor skills of the fingers, coordination, perseverance. Graphic dictations can be used with success for children from 5 to 10 years.
To watch the video if you have access to the Internet, otherwise the video would occupy too much space on your device.
We offer you the following algorithm training program:
1. Create the child for a pleasant working environment: a comfortable desk and chair, a piece of paper in the box, pen, colored pencils
2. Select the program any graphic dictation, do not tell your child that it should turn out in the end
3. Start the dictation. At first, place the device next to the child, so he checked his actions with what is happening on the screen
4. Once the child get used to try to put down the device screen, it will quickly develop attention and perseverance. Gradually move to more complex dictation
5. At the end of the child can guess the picture and color it
We welcome your suggestions, questions and constructive criticism by email marked in the subject line "Android-Graphic dictations" or in reviews on Google Play.



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