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ecoalert is an application that provides environmental information alerts reported by the community.
This application created by Evolution Environmental Solutions Inc for the detection alerts Early Environmental department.
Keep aware of safe living on earth, alert others, help to monitor sources of damages. Stop serious harms to mother nature
Post anything you think is mysterious to you or doubtful, we help identifying it and we contact concerned authorities to control or find out.
Assisting all public to deal with environmental incidents according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and helping residents to monitor their environment closely and request any service needed from a nearby environmental provider (s).
Keep your environment clean is your responsibility too. You live in a place where your kids and grandkids will be using in future. You will do your part as a concerned person by reporting anything you think will harm nature air, land or water.
We analyze the situation and immediately we informed the concerned agencies, we follow up and inform you the action that was done. Furthermore, we will make sure that this will never happen again.
As an addition to the ecoalert app, we have added several services that can be used by the user, to ease the services that are needed to your house or business on a touch of your fingers.
No problem we have companies that can take that away from your house or business, we will contact them on behalf of yours and they will schedule a time for pickup.
Don’t forget some recyclables do have some value depending on quantity. Let’s see what you have or what you want to clean out.
All your health care waste can be handled by our contacts of companies that are treating/disposing of medical waste. HCW of a high risk it should not be disposed in the garbage at all times.
Address : 356 S Rampart Blvd. Suit 114
Phone Number:
National Response Center 1-800-424-8802
Hazmat Information Center 1-800-467-4922
Health & Human Services 1-877-696-6775



الإصدار: 1.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.3 or later


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