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"Farahi" a new application through which you can design an invitation or wedding you send your speech and all your friends and relatives for free and with ease. You will be able to choose from dozens of designs distinctive, and you'll get an email inviting with lots of options and features, where it will be inside the call log invitees (Guestbook) can invitees from which he left Althnh messages for all to see, will also be invited can respond to your invitation by calling itself or send gifts for you. You will receive an owner call letters, gifts, and invited replies to your immediate alerts.
Also send the invitation and publish very easy you'll find, where you can send it through WhatsApp Messenger, or even the SMS or e-mail, and of course you can publish to your Facebook or Twitter.
"My Joy" is the latest way to invite everyone to attend your wedding or your speech. New and very special way, fully and above all a free thing. Ie you will be able to inform all your friends and relatives for free and through a call with a wonderful design.
Not only this, with the application of "Farahi" you will find a guide to services such as wedding and engagement halls, hotels, photographers, gallery wedding dresses and many other services. Guide him thousands of providers of these services information, and with all the details about full and illustrative pictures service and, of course, contact information. All this completely free with the application.



الإصدار: 1.5.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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