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Answers Hatem son thrust fatwas program
1. through which you can communicate with Sheikh across social networking sites
2. Find a Question
3. Read the classified answers
4. You may post fatwas and disseminated through social networking sites or send them to your friends
Answers classified divided into: -
"The provisions of masturbation"
"Gestures Qrouanah"
"a smile"
"Bostadt preaching"
"The provisions of the people of the excuse."
"Fads and innovations."
"Sales and transactions."
"Funerals and rulings on graves"
"Hajj and Umrah"
"Hadith and its sciences"
"Sharia in dealing with foreigners."
"Science and Learning"
"Quran and its Sciences"
"Dress, adornment and images."
"Vows and oaths"
"Fiqh of the family."
"Jurisprudence of women"
"Nullifiers ablution"
"The provisions of art and acting."
"Sniper electrolytes and restrict monuments"
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