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Traditional medicine is the science of it for treatment and prevention of diseases, fitness and beauty and is used in various disciplines have already realized the importance of this we decided to set however as with a Android create a booklet to make this knowledge available at any time to put your loved ones.
The diverse collection of thread used. Methods for weight loss, skin and hair beauty, psychiatric, blood pressure control, the properties of medicinal plants and ways of strengthening the body and the prevention and treatment of diseases
The origin of modern medicine today Sntyh medicine that despite being very old, but still had a lot to say ...
In the Programme of material from traditional medicine using herbs and other food, etc. is collected for treatment ...
I still prefer to go are those who use traditional medicine instead of modern medicine because they believed the effect was good and no side effects ...
Herbal Remedies to overcome obesity
Herbal Remedies for fumigation
Drugs for diseases of the stomach
Drugs for treating wounds and burns
Strengthening Drugs
Antihypertensive drugs
Antidiabetic drugs
Suitable drugs for diseases of women
Solve the problem of the liver with fruit
Thyme Properties
Unbelievable properties of garlic
Rose Properties
Rose Properties
Properties of nettle
Cardamom properties
Alzheimer's disease treatment methods of traditional medicine
With the help of traditional medicine to treat cough and sore throat
Traditional views about sleep
Solution traditional medicine to treat high blood pressure
Solution traditional medicine for burns
How to prepare tea for weight loss
Benefits of Olive Oil
Fruit to strengthen the nerves
Training to prepare herbal tea for dry cough
And dozens of other titles
I wish for you perpetual health



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