II FIT Cáncer 2016 de GÉTICA

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The Spanish Group of Immuno-Biological Therapies in Cancer (gy) held for the second consecutive year, the II Forum Translational Cancer Immunotherapy. The forum is open to clinicians and researchers interested in participating in training and discussion sessions Cancer Immunotherapy.
The Forum will take place on 11 and 12 March 2016. This year we fall back on in the city of Seville (NH Collection).
This time there has been the possibility of sending communications for oral or poster presentation. There will be a prize for the best poster.
Getica Scientific Association
Getica (Spanish Group of Immuno-Biological Therapies in Cancer) is a scientific association under the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March, and complementary norms, with legal personality and full capacity to act, non-profit.
Objective Getica
Getica aims to research and development and advanced immunological therapies in cancer; the training of researchers and clinicians in these areas of knowledge and practice; contributing to the dissemination of knowledge about these treatments to the general population; all multidisciplinary, integrative and facilitator with other scientific societies and other cooperative groups that concentrate their dedication to specific neoplastic pathologies way.



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